Ensure Worker Protection with Eagle Clothing

Eagle Protect’s range of protective clothing, of various styles and coverage levels, have been designed for specific job requirements. The following comparison outlines the areas of coverage and typical industries where these are currently used. 

Disposable Protective Clothing Options

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  • A cost-effective option for front protection
  • Waist ties for a desired fit
  • Available in two lengths
  • Common Use: Bakery, light retail, aged care, food service


  • Provide front and rear protection
  • Available in red, white and blue
  • Common Use: Food processing, aged care, healthcare

Sleeved Smocks

  • Provide front, back and shoulder protection and warmth 
  • Available in white and blue

General Purpose Gowns with Thumbloop

  • Provide waterproof protection against contamination
  • Over-the-head neck style, with built-in waist ties for a desired fit
  • Thumbloop cuffs ensure arm and wrist coverage and containment
  • Common Use: Healthcare, emergency services, aged care

Long Sleeve Thumbloop Smocks

  • Provide a comprehensive level of front and back protection 
  • Full length sleeves for extra protection
  • Thumbloop cuffs ensure arm and wrist coverage and containment
  • Common Use: Sanitation, food processing, industrial, emergency services


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