STRETCHPoly vs TPE Embossed Glove Comparison

This PDF shows a quick comparison of Eagle TPE Embossed and StretchPoly disposable gloves. They are quite similar, but do have slight differences. The video below will show you more when comparing these products. 

TPE Embossed

Eagle’s TPE Embossed gloves are made from thermoplastic elastomer. What makes them unique is the embossing which allows a slightly better grip.


Our STRETCHPoly gloves are made from a durable stretch polyethylene which provides slightly more give during use. 

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TPE Embossed & STRETCHPoly Similarities

Both the TPE and StretchPoly gloves are 100% recyclable, latex-free, PVC-free as well as phthalate-free. Both gloves are comfortable and flexible, and available in a clean clear color. Although the StretchPoly are also available in blue, which is required in some food processing areas.

Both types of gloves are cheaper, and environmentally superior alternatives to vinyl gloves. They have a better fit than standard polyethylene gloves and are ideal for light industrial and safety use, and light food processing, handling and assembly. 

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