STRETCHPoly Gloves - Economic, Durable & Environmental Benefits

Eagle Protect STRETCHPoly gloves are a solution to the ongoing glove shortages and price increases.  

The global demand for disposable gloves has increased exponentially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with gloves being used as protection against viral transmission by individuals and industries who have not previously required protection. As with all other PPE suppliers, glove manufacturers have increased prices significantly; and as demand far outpaces supply, glove shortages are predicted to continue well into 2021.

STRETCHPoly gloves are an extremely economical choice for light food handling and light industrial use, and are an environmentally superior, cheaper and more durable substitute for vinyl gloves.  

We recommend these be worn by your staff who in the past haven’t typically worn gloves, such as at the checkout, stocking shelves and also handling food.

STRETCHPoly gloves are a comfortable and flexible glove, have FDA food compliance, an AQL of 2.5 and at only 1.7 grams, these gloves can reduce your glove and packaging waste. Contact us for samples today.


Written by: Lynda Ronaldson, VP Marketing

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