Top 5 Glove Issues Solved

1. Ripping

Ripped gloves defeat the whole purpose of wearing them! Whether it’s when you’re using them or when you are putting them on, a glove that rips is useless.

SolutionRipped Disposable Food Safety Glove

Gloves should not rip during normal use. Don’t settle. Ordering gloves made with higher quality ingredients using higher quality manufacturing processes will stop you from saying, “Our gloves rip all the time.” Eagle Protect sources high quality gloves, made the right way. Our proprietary Delta Zero testing ensures our gloves meet Eagle’s high strength and durability standards.

2. Different Gloves Every Order

One box of gloves works great. The next one rips all the time or fits differently. There are very few products where it’s acceptable to interchange and send different brands and types. Each glove is going to perform differently. When you order gloves, you should get that same gloves every time.


To solve this, here at Eagle our products are single factory sourced, to ensure manufacturing and product consistency. You receive the same product, same raw material and same manufacturing process every time. This ensures our gloves are the exact same from box to box. The gloves you trialed and ordered is the gloves you’ll get, guaranteed.

3. Hand Fatigue & Injury

Hand injuries cost businesses a lot of money. Repetitive movements made while wearing gloves with poor elasticity or that are too thick causes a lot of unnecessary stress on workers hands.


A thicker glove is not always better. Disposable safety gloves can remain thin and strong, and have increased elasticity over cheaper alternatives, due to their high quality raw material ingredients. A thinner glove with increased strength and elongation reduces unneeded stress from workers’ hands. Check out our FineTOUGH nitrile gloves - a thin glove that doesn’t sacrifice performance.


4. Bulky & Uncomfortable

Gloves should fit. There shouldn’t be extra material hanging off your fingertips. They shouldn’t be so tight they are difficult to get on. In addition to frustration, ill-fitting gloves create safety risks. Gloves that are too large have excess material that can catch or snag resulting in glove pieces ending up in the product. Similarly, thick gloves can also be extremely uncomfortable. See issue #3 for more information.


Ordering an appropriate variety of sizes allows every worker to find a glove that fits. Also, it is important for workers to understand how a glove should fit and the benefits of using a properly fitting glove versus just grabbing any size.

5. Sweaty Hands

Nothing is more frustrating than hot, sweaty hands inside of disposable gloves and trying to work. Besides the huge product safety risk if the glove breaks, this can also lead to skin disorders.


For obvious reasons, disposable gloves are not “breathable", and not all single-use gloves perform equally. This issue differs from person to person, but gloves made with high-quality materials make a considerable difference in terms of reducing hand sweat.

Now that we’ve solved a few common glove issues, contact us if you have any other questions. Or take a look through our line of high-quality, durable disposable gloves.

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