Your $30M Food Safety Blind Spot

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Disposable gloves have been identified by the FDA and CDC as sources of cross-contamination, and are implicated in over 15% of foodborne illness outbreaks. That is, glove related incidents are implicated in over 7 million illnesses and 450 deaths every year!

Every year gloves are implicated in over 7 million illnesses & 450 deaths

In 2001 Japan banned PVC (vinyl) gloves for food handling due to the well documented adverse effects on health and food safety. In 2018 Eagle Protect followed suit and discontinued the supply of vinyl gloves due to growing scientific evidence of the toxic effects of vinyl gloves to food - and because of glove user and environment health.

The latest research by international food safety and glove specialist, Barry Michaels, shows the type of disposable glove use in food handling can significantly contribute to the spread of Listeria and other pathogens. The National Provisioner wrote why Eagle Protect nitrile gloves are superior in reducing cross-contamination risks.

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Eagle Protect is a specialist food safety supplier of disposable gloves and clothing, we help companies improve their food safety programs with scientifically proven products.

Conditions for cross-contamination can be disrupted by scientifically based glove selection. Disposable glove type and quality is an area often overlooked by purchasing departments, don’t let gloves become your food safety blind spot!

Visit us at booth #214 to find out more about our Food Safety Summit exclusive scientific research on disposable gloves and why they can increase or mitigate food safety risks.

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