Orders for personal use limited to 4 case maximum


Disposable Sleeved Smocks - Priced Per 200

COVID-19 UPDATE: To most effectively supply emergency & medical workers, orders for personal use will be limited to 4 cases.

Disposable Sleeved Smocks are a custom design driven by the demands of the world's leading New Zealand Meat Industry and offer a comprehensive level of protection against spills and contamination.

  • 'Strong Film' (LDPE) construction
  • Worker shoulder area protected against fluid and food contamination
  • Provides warmth with the full shoulder & 3/4 sleeve length
  • Supplied on a soft header block (see image) to reduce waste and contamination, and for easy dispensing
  • Size: 51 x 31”
  • Available in blue and white

Disposable sleeved smocks provide protection for a number of applications, including medical, food processing, industrial and sanitation.

    Purchase Unit:
    1 case of 200 sleeved smocks (50/header x 4)

    Product Spec Sheet 
    Safety Data Sheet

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