Mitigate Glove Contamination Risks

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Eagle Protect’s proprietary Delta Zero third-party testing program mitigates glove food safety risks by verifying a growing range of Eagle gloves adhere to the highest level of consistent glove safety and performance - the ultimate protection for your business.

  • Safe Ingredients
  • No harmful microbial contamination 
  • No harmful toxins or chemicals
  • Reduced cross-contamination potential
  • Durability and performance 

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Why Delta Zero is Necessary for Your Food Safety Program

“Disposable gloves represent public health issues for glove users and food entities that rely on gloves for safe operation.”
- Barry Michaels, IAFP 2022  

Delta Zero nitrile gloves verified against contamination Food Safety Summit

Disposable gloves are a proven food safety risk. Of 2,800 new and unused food and medical gloves independently tested, 50% were found to have human fecal indicators, with 250 different viable microbial species on both the interior and exterior glove surfaces including E. coli, Listeria and more.

Why Glove Contamination Occurs

FDA (21 CFR 177) compliance for food handling is a one-off test with no expiration date. FDA glove food compliance focuses on chemical migration tests only. Gloves are not tested for bioburden, cleanliness or performance.

Watch this video about the critical control points of glove manufacturing to further understand why and where chemical and microbial contamination occurs. 



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