Industry-Leading Gloves

Our gloves are designed to work, eliminating common issues like ripping and skin irritations. As the first B Corp certified company with WRAP certification, we set industry standards in compliance and quality.

Dependable Durability

Our gloves’ superior durablity is due to our holistic approach:

We are not a typical off-the-shelf glove. Our commitment ensures Eagle gloves consistently exceed your expectations in durability.

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A Better Glove Standard

The Eagle Standard safeguards your business by protecting your staff, products and brand reputation. Eagle sets the industry standard with our 5 points of difference.

  • Factory Visits: Eagle staff ensures product manufacturing quality, ethical sourcing and environmental impact.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct: We partner with manufacturers that operate to ethical standards, including quality, labor rights and sustainability.
  • Single Source Model: Consistent and audited manufacturing standards guarantee trustworthy product quality and performance.
  • Supply Chain Traceability: Partnered with FDA award-winning technology for full QR code product traceability and convenient documentation.
  • Delta Zero™: Third-party testing for consistent glove quality and safety.

FDA Award-Winning Traceability

Eagle’s ethical and fully transparent supply chain protects your company against product fraud, labor rights violations and allows visibility to glove testing and documentation.

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Join Other Food Manufacturers in Glove Excellence

Together, we’re building partnerships for a resilient, sustainable and safer world.