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Sustainability Savings by switching to lighter, more efficiently packaged Eagle Protect nitrile gloves




    • The raw material “ingredients” of Eagle disposable gloves are Delta Zero tested, to ensure manufacturing and product consistency and ultimately glove quality.
    • The quality of raw material and standards of manufacturing directly reduce glove failures.
    • A reduction in glove failure rate with subsequent reduced glove changes, reduces worker downtime and improves worker productivity - financially benefitting a business.
    • Because glove strength is highly proportional to the quality and choice of raw materials, thinner quality gloves are often stronger and more resistant to tearing compared to a thicker glove, reducing your waste production.
    • Due to their molecular structure, scientific studies prove the average failure rate of vinyl gloves, out of the box and during use, is 18%. Meaning, for every 100 gloves around 18 fail. This failure rate has been factored into the waste calculator.
    • Nitrile’s molecular structure is formulated for improved strength, and high chemical and tear resistance, reducing your glove failure and waste production.
    • Improved worker efficiency due to optimal fit and minimized skin irritation and hand injuries, reduces sick leave and worker compensation claims.