Impact Reports

  • Our Commitment

    Eagle Protect™ is committed to the supply of certified safe and ethically sourced disposable gloves and clothing for the food, medical, and industrial sectors. Protecting people and our customer’s products is always at the core of our mission. Our excellent supply contacts and transparent supply chains allows us to supply customers with quality products, while improving their sustainability impact. Eagle continues to lead the ethical, food safe procurement and supply of gloves and clothing with the rigorous B Corp™ certification.

  • 2021, COVID & PPE

    Following the aftermath of the pandemic, we saw severe global PPE shortages to massive overstocks causing a flood of cheap, poor quality gloves in our markets which has resulted in even more waste than would have normally been the case. It has become even more important than ever that Eagle Protect tells our story of using less of a better product to significantly reduce this.

    Our long standing relationship with key suppliers, who we trust and know well, has ensured quality glove supply and availability for customers, in order to keep their businesses operational. The following report highlights our specific impact in different areas of business focus throughout 2020/21.

2021 Impact Report

Eagle Protect is proud of the effect they have and continue to make by partnering with customers to reduce the impact of Eagle disposable products and its supply chain.

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