The Eagle Standard

What makes Eagle Protect unique? The Eagle Standard ensures our products meet consistent high quality specifications and are manufactured sustainably and ethically via our fully transparent supply chain.

  • Creating a Better Standard

    The Eagle Standard safeguards our partner’s businesses by protecting their staff, products or patients and brand reputation. Eagle sets the industry standard with our 5 points of difference.

    • Factory Visits
    • Supplier Code of Conduct & Independent Audits
    • Single Source Model
    • Supply Chain Traceability
    • Delta Zero™

Our Partners

Together, we’re building partnerships for a resilient, sustainable and safer world.

Eagle Protect nitrile glove thumbs up

Product & Manufacturing Quality Matters

The Eagle Standard offers you solutions to:

  • Glove Contamination
  • Ripped Gloves
  • Gloves Prices
  • Skin Irritation
  • Worker Efficiency
  • Environmental Impact
  • Ethical Supply Chain
Certified B Corporation Logo over Lake Tahoe

Proud to be a B Corp

Since our first B Corp certification in 2012, Eagle Protect continues to be the only Certified B Corporation in our industry. We have a focus of reducing customers’ environmental impact, improving their glove safety practices and ensuring their brand reputation through a fully transparent supply chain.

The latest Eagle Impact Report highlights our specific impact in different areas of business - sustainability savings, glove safety and supply chain transparency - and how these mitigate risks for your company.

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