Reduce, Reuse or Recycle? Why Reducing Glove Use is Best.

With an estimated 300 billion disposable gloves used in the US each year, we are often asked by companies for the best solution to reduce the environmental impact of their glove use.  

This can be influenced in several ways. Of the “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” philosophy, Eagle focuses on the “reduce” and is making significant gains for our customers.

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REDUCE: The Effective Solution

Eagle is committed to responsible environmental sourcing, which ensures the environmental impacts of glove production are assessed. We continually work to find solutions to minimize the negative impact of our products on the planet.

By supplying new technology manufactured gloves of superior quality with improved durability, we can reduce our customers’ usage by up to 30%. New technology gloves are also thinner yet stronger, and provide significant waste savings in terms of disposed glove weight waste and associated packaging.

With increasing consumer demand for better transparency, companies can easily reduce their own environmental impact by considering their glove type, weight and most importantly quality; instantly reducing their overall environmental footprint.

Learn more about the recycling options of disposable gloves, Eagle’s R&D efforts of reusing nitrile gloves and the environment impact of each glove type.

Discover the Sustainably Better Glove

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