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Securing a Consistent, High-Quality Glove Supply

Company: Cabot Creamery
Industry: Dairy
Location: Vermont, USA
Problem: Glove Supply

Results Summary

  • An annual letter of guarantee indicating glove cases purchased and cost was established and fulfilled.
  • Temporary adjustments were made to fit food safety procedures to the available glove supply in order to maintain the utmost levels of food safety while maintaining operations.
  • Eagle sourced a glove to fulfill Cabot’s original glove color requirements, allowing them to resume pre-covid food safety procedures.
  • The companies’ partnership has also grown in other areas. For instance, Cabot reached out to Eagle to hear about their experiences when establishing their Supplier Code of Conduct and supplier selection process.


Cabot Creamery, a dairy co-operative based in Vermont and the Northeast region is known for producing high-quality cheeses and dairy products sold throughout the US and internationally. Cabot, a B Corp certified company, has received numerous awards for their products and sustainability efforts. Their purpose is to create a sustainable future for their farmers, employees and communities.


Cross-contamination is a significant threat in cheese production because cheese is a perishable food product that can be easily contaminated by harmful bacteria such as Listeria and E. coli. These bacteria can cause food borne illnesses and pose a serious health risk to consumers. Cross-contamination can occur when bacteria from one source, such as an employee’s hands, tools, or surfaces, are transferred to another source, such as cheese or cheese-making equipment. Strict food safety procedures, including the use of protective equipment such as nitrile gloves, are essential to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the safety of the final product.

Cabot Creamery & Eagle gloves

The COVID-19 pandemic put extreme stress on the personal protective equipment supply, including disposable nitrile gloves. There was a drastic increase in demand which caused finding a glove supply to be extremely difficult and prices to skyrocket. Additionally, COVID-19 allowed an opening for used and contaminated gloves to be re-packaged and sold back into the market as well as poor quality gloves that would easily rip. Businesses were caught between sourcing gloves that fit their budget, not built to handle the sudden price inflation, and finding a trustworthy supplier of non-contaminated and reliable gloves.


Cabot Creamery was no exception, finding it difficult to find a consistent supply of reliable gloves that would not negatively affect their stringent food safety procedures. During the pandemic they were working hard to minimize their risk from the dramatically and rapidly changing disposable glove market prices.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Eagle Protect contributed to the health and safety of our employees and consumers through supplying us with high-quality, food-safe gloves. Together, we outfitted the right glove to its application. Eagle Protect continues to deliver on time with best-in-class service and it’s a sincere pleasure to do business with a company whom I respect and admire deeply.”
- Michelle Risley, Sourcing Manager

Willing to commit to purchase quantities, Cabot was also looking for a guarantee of consistent price and supply to provide their sourcing more stability in the rapidly changing PPE environment.

Responding to the unique PPE environment, Cabot adjusted how they sourced nitrile gloves and began to purchase them through their central sourcing team - having previously been sourced separately by each location.


Both being certified B Corps, Cabot Creamery and Eagle Protect established a partnership quickly based on shared ethical business practices and standards. The pandemic required Cabot and Eagle to be strategic in order to maintain food safety protocols and guarantee a consistent glove supply.

“As B-Corps, the partnership between Cabot Creamery and Eagle Protect is built on mutual trust, respect, and transparency. Together, we hold the same commitments to social responsibility and business ethics and believe in using our businesses as a force for good.”

- Michelle Risley, Sourcing Manager

Cabot Creamery Eagle Gloves

Cabot adjusted their food safety management glove color requirements for the packaging area, from green to white, in order to coordinate with Eagle’s available glove supply colors. They were able to maintain a blue glove for production and a black glove for sanitation.

Throughout both years of the pandemic, the companies signed a formal annual agreement specifying a case quantity commitment and cost. As a sign the partnership was working, during year two, Cabot increased their purchase quantity commitment in order to also supply their butter plant.

“We are eternally grateful for our partnerships. As a fellow B-Corp, we rest easy knowing we are in business with a like-minded company.”

- Michelle Risley, Sourcing Manager

Eagle Protect took on very few new customers during COVID-19 in order to ensure their customers had the supply of gloves required to maintain operations. The partnership with Cabot was successful due to the upfront communication and Eagle’s business practice of always maintaining at least three months of stock to support their customers’ operations.

As the pandemic waned and glove supply loosened, Eagle was able to supply Cabot with their desired green glove for the packaging area. This enabled them to resume their original food safety management protocols.

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Securing a Consistent, High-Quality Glove Supply


Cabot and Eagle fulfilled an annual glove purchase agreement, adapted for food safety, and expanded their partnership to include discussions on Supplier Code of Conduct and supplier selection.

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