Joining the Journey towards Child Labor Free*


UPDATE (Sept 2017): Eagle has earned Child Labor Free* Certification to Manufacturing Level

Eagle Protect PBC is proudly on the journey towards Child Labor Free* certification to Manufacturing level for a specific range of our products. Child Labor Free* is a global certification system that independently inspects and analyzes supply chains for the use of child labor.

The global supply chains that produce and deliver our products are complex. Many companies don’t know that children are involved in the production of their goods, hidden in complex supply chains which are never openly discussed.

“Many companies don’t know that children are involved in the production of their goods.”

More than 150 million children are engaged in child labor globally, being denied the right to their childhood. The power to change this lies with consumers

“The power to change lies with consumers.”

Child Labor Free* certification empowers consumers to recognise brands that do not use child labor. It clearly demonstrates to consumers that brands like Eagle are committed to working through their supply chain to ensure there is no child labor being used in the production of any of their products or services.  

Alongside our own Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct with regular supplier visits and audits, joining the journey towards Child Labor Free* adds further independent factory audits and assessments.

Eagle is joining this journey because we are committed to transparency in our supply chain. Sourcing our range of disposable gloves and clothing responsibly also provides assurance to your business, protecting your brand and reputation.

See how Eagle Protect's values and responsibly sourced products turned this global meat manufacturer into their country's "Most Trusted Brand."

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*The organisation behind Child Labor Free has ceased offering accreditation renewal, effective December 2020.

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