Protective Clothing Customized for Food Processing

We’ve worked and grown since 2006 to proudly supply 80% of New Zealand’s globally recognized primary food industry as well as expanded to the US. We supply some of the largest food and meat processors in both countries and are the only disposable glove and clothing supplier to be B Corp and Child Labor Free** certified. Protecting both workers and food products is something we are pretty darn good at.

Over the years we’ve worked with our customers to design protective clothing customized to the specific needs of food and meat processing. Here’s a snapshot of our line of disposable food safe clothing.


  • Gloves Sleeve Protector Aprons Cutting Meat FactorySleeve Protectors: Allowing the flexibility to equip workers’ with arm protection in the processing areas which demand it, sleeve protectors create the potential efficiencies of using sleeveless protective clothing in multiple facility areas.
  • Aprons*: A cost-effective option when lower levels of spill and contamination protection is needed. The disposable apron’s built-in tie allows flexibility for a desired fit. Allows a breathable fit.
  • Smocks*: A custom design driven by the demands of the world leading NZ meat industry, Eagle smocks offer a comprehensive level of protection against spills and contamination. Eagle disposable smocks are also available with ¾ length sleeves providing additional protection and warmth. Reducing your laundry expense and ensuring workers are clean.
  • Jackets with Hood*: A disposable jacket with full-length elasticated sleeves and hood specifically designed for situations when maximum splash protection is required. This jacket’s sleeves and hood also provide workers an additional layer of warmth. Perfect for cold or wet areas in food processing, sanitation or anywhere with strict hygiene requirements.
  • Long Sleeve Thumbloop Smock*: A long sleeve smock with thumbloops provide full front and back protection from spills and contamination while ensuring arm and wrist coverage and containment. Ideal for food processing areas that require a comprehensive level of waterproof coverage and protection.
  • General Purpose Gown: A long sleeve gown with thumbloops that offers waterproof protection against spills and contamination. An over the head design with built-in waist ties provide a desired fit.
Smocks on a Header * Product is supplied on header block to reduce waste and contamination and for easy dispensing 


  • Food Processing Disposable HatsHats: The complete hair coverage needed in food processing is achievable with either of Eagle’s two disposable hat designs, bouffant or clip. Both hats are lightweight, breathable and elasticated for a firm fit.
  • Beard Covers: Lightweight and breathable, Eagle beard covers are designed for optimal facial hair containment. Beard covers are available in single and double loop styles.
  • Balaclavas: Headwear that provides full head coverage for warmth and cleanliness. Balaclavas are available in two styles, a lightweight, breathable single-use or a warmer, but breathable washable design.

Our team of experts is here to discuss how Eagle food safe disposable clothing can strengthen your facility’s food safety and cleanliness. Eagle also offers a full line of food safe disposable gloves designed for food and meat processing.

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**The organization behind Child Labor Free has ceased offering accreditation renewal, effective December 2020.

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