What is Nitrile?

What is nitrile? What are nitrile gloves? We get asked these questions a lot. Simply put, nitrile (nitrile butadiene rubber) is a synthetic, latex-free rubber.Nitrile Glove Stretch

Nitrile disposable gloves have characteristics similar to latex such as their elasticity and strength, but do not contain the latex proteins people can be highly sensitive or even allergic to. Find out if nitrile gloves are latex free.

We recommend nitrile gloves for food handling for multiple food safety reasons. However, because of differing qualities of raw materials and manufacturing processes not all nitrile gloves have the same safety qualities. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing nitrile gloves.

Product Safety

Glove Quality

Worker Safety

Eagle Protect supplies responsibly sourced disposable nitrile gloves, which exceed examination grade AQL requirements. They are produced with high-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes, providing your workers and your product a superior quality of barrier protection against bacteria and virus. Contact us with questions. Our team of experts are here to help.

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*The organization behind Child Labor Free has ceased offering accreditation renewal, effective December 2020.

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