Are Nitrile Gloves Latex Free?

Short Answer: Yes.Nitrile Gloves Production Latex Free

When we are asked, ‘Are nitrile gloves latex free,’ the answer is ‘Yes! Nitrile gloves are BPA, phthalate and latex free.' To see the difference between nitrile and latex gloves (and vinyl), check out this glove material comparison chart!

Nitrile Gloves Are Latex Free, but the Majority Contain Accelerator Chemicals

Nitrile disposable gloves can carry a very low allergy rate of less than 1% of users. Studies have shown that the chemical accelerators and other additives commonly used in the products of nitrile, can cause allergies. To reduce the cost of glove manufacturing, more and cheaper additives and chemical fillers are added to the raw material, in turn causing allergies and skin irritation. But some gloves are now being manufactured with a new formulation such as Eagle Protect Sensitive and Derma2 gloves which directly addresses these skin issues. These gloves, made with LOW-DERMA technology, are made with a different 'recipe' and without the use of accelerators for better allergy care and hand protection.

So when you ask, ‘Are nitrile gloves latex free?’, the answer is ‘yes,’ but when asked, 'Do nitrile disposable gloves contain accelerator chemicals?' the answer is a little more complicated.

What is Nitrile?

Nitrile is the superior material for today’s disposable gloves. Nitrile, also known as nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), is a form of synthetic rubber with an unusually high resistance to oil, fuel and other chemicals. The more nitrile within the polymer, the greater the protection from oils, but the lower the flexibility.

Historically, nitrile disposable gloves have not had the level of “stretch” that is associated with latex gloves. Recently, advances in the formulation of nitrile, such as in Eagle Protect nitrile gloves, has closed the gap between nitrile and latex to a minimal difference. Also, improved manufacturing techniques have lead to highly tactile, tough and flexible nitrile gloves with negligible allergy rates. Here's a blog to read a comparison of different glove materials.

Nitrile Are Cost-Effective Disposable Gloves

Traditionally having been more expensive, we are happy to announce nitrile disposable gloves are cost-effective disposable gloves to protect your employees, your customers and your business from the very real dangers of contamination and evolving safety regulations.

Eagle FineTough Nitrile Gloves are made using 30% less raw materials than standard disposable gloves. They are thinner (while retaining their strength), allowing twice the normal amount of gloves to fit in a single box (200!). Along with reducing the amount of cardboard waste, water and fuel, more gloves per box means more free storage space!

Only the Highest Quality Nitrile

Eagle Protect supplies only the highest quality and most dependable products! You won’t find more trustworthy product lines of disposables anywhere!

Responsibly Sourced

Eagle Protect visits every single one of our suppliers regularly, rigorously verifying their product excellence, staff conditions and environmental footprint to make sure they meet our Supplier Code of Conduct and the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Read more about our responsible glove sourcing and transparent supply chain.

B Corp LogoThis logo means Eagle Protect is recognized as a force for good in the industry. Eagle Protect is the world’s first B Corp certified supplier of disposable gloves and clothing, and is proud to be New Zealand’s first B Corp Certified business.

To learn more about the benefits of nitrile disposable gloves and to take the first step in protecting your business from the dangers of poor quality disposable gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE), talk to one of our experts today.


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