Why Gloves Can Contain Fungicides

You would never use a glove with a fungicide in it, right? Well you might. Thiurams are accelerators that can be used in glove manufacturing to help the process of vulcanization - this makes a glove stronger and more elastic. Thiurams are also allergens capable of causing allergic contact dermatitis (ACD), and since the 1930s Thiurams have been used extensively in germicides and fungicides. 

Tractor Spray Fungicide

As a certified organic company, or if you test your products for fungicides, the gloves handling your products are required to be clean and non-toxic. How can you be certain your gloves comply? Safety data sheets (SDS) give a broad overview of the glove ingredients and accelerators, but do not note specific compounds. 

Because glove manufacturing is largely unregulated, at Eagle Protect we not only visit our factories to ensure quality of manufacturing, we test our gloves for consistency of quality, and specifically for toxins, microbes and pathogens, to further prove their food and user safety. 

Read more about our proprietary testing and how Eagle guarantees your product safety and brand reputation.

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