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Eagle premium nitrile gloves ensure unparalleled protection, enhancing dexterity and guarding against fentanyl exposure.

  • Fentanyl Protection

    A range of Eagle gloves are ASTM D6978 tested for protection against fentanyl. These fentanyl resistant gloves are the last line of defense for those who may come into accidental contact with the drug.

  • Ripped Gloves

    Highest quality manufacturing standards and raw material ingredients ensure Eagle nitrile fentanyl resistant gloves are strong, durable and puncture resistant, manufactured for extreme performance.

  • Skin Irritation

    Eagle nitrile fentanyl resistant gloves offer superior barrier protection for wearers prone to contact dermatitis, skin allergies and irritation - due to Eagle's premium ingredients and manufacturing standards.

First Responder Gloves With Fentanyl Protection

In the face of America's opioid crisis, first responders, law enforcement and emergency services encounter the potent synthetic opioid, fentanyl, frequently. With a potency 50 times greater than heroin, the risk of absorption through the skin poses a threat. Ensuring the safety of those on the front lines is imperative.

Enter Eagle's high-quality nitrile gloves — an essential safety measure providing wearers with crucial protection against fentanyl exposure. Our proprietary Delta Zero testing program verifies a line of Eagle gloves to the highest levels of performance. These fentanyl protective gloves stand as necessary safety equipment for the dedicated individuals safeguarding our communities.

5 Tips to Buying Fentanyl Gloves
Eagle Protect Double Tough Blue heavy duty nitrile gloves

Durability Matters: Guarding Against Accidental Exposure

In the critical realm of first responders, durability is paramount. Accidental exposure risks escalate with ripped gloves. Our proprietary Delta Zero quality program third-party tests a line of Eagle gloves and verifies them to the highest levels of performance and consistency, minimizing the risk of ripped gloves and accidental exposure.

Eagle's nitrile gloves with fentanyl protection are engineered for extreme performance, ensuring strength and resilience. Guard against accidental exposure, as these gloves stand as a reliable defense in the line of duty.

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If you want quality, consistency and peace of mind, use Eagle gloves. The other gloves weren’t consistent. It’s a breath of fresh air using your gloves.

Christie F. | Eagle Labs Inc.

Eagle Protect gloves lessen the amount my hands sweat, which is a huge win for my profession. Even though they seem thinner than other gloves, they don’t rip nearly as often. In fact, I have yet to have one rip on me or to look down and see a hole punctured in them. Thanks for an awesome product!

Justin W.

The Derma² are so soft and comfortable to wear all day. My hands are less tired and I love the texture and how well it grips my tools.

Rosie M.

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Reduce the risk of accidental fentanyl exposure. Eagle’s range of fentanyl resistant gloves are specifically tested against fentanyl citrate, with ZERO permeation. It's vital to protect our law enforcement officers, correctional staff and postal staff with gloves that offer 100% fentanyl protection.

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