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Eagle clothing and gloves for organic products safeguard against contamination, are premium durability and reduce skin issues -  protecting your products, staff and certification.

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  • Glove Contamination

    Disposable nitrile gloves for organic food

    New tech manufacturing processes and premium raw materials ensure the highest level of consistent Eagle glove safety. Delta Zero verified, pathogen and toxin free gloves, protect your organic certification.

  • Ethical Supply Chain

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    Eagle’s clean supply chain, using FDA award winning traceability technology, ensures our products are sourced responsibly, protecting customer’s brand reputation.

  • Glove Prices

    Eagle CEO Steve Ardagh visiting nitrile glove factory production line

    Premium quality raw materials in Eagle gloves for organic use enhance durability and eliminate ripping, reducing usage, waste and monthly glove costs.

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  • Fran’s Chocolates, certified Organic since 2016, must provide certification that packaging material and storage containers do not contain synthetic fungicides, preservatives or fumigants. They apply a similar rigor of compliance to anything that touches their certified ingredients and final products, including disposable gloves. Hear it from them.

  • Why is glove quality important?

    “Fran’s has very high standards of food safety. Because our gloves touch our ingredients and final products through every step of confection creation, we source from the most trusted brand - Eagle.”

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Organic Compliant Gloves

Organic certified companies must adhere to stringent rules. Anything that touches their product is audited, with the product itself tested after production. Organic gloves do not exist, however, The Eagle Standard, including Delta Zero™ quality verification program, mitigates Eagle’s glove contamination risk.   

Delta Zero™ ensures the consistent quality and safety of Eagle nitrile glove’s raw materials, as well as the absence of unsafe chemicals, toxins and microbial contaminants. A range are certified compliant gloves for organic products, the ideal PPE for organic companies.

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Contamination Risk Alert: Ripped Gloves

Whether a nitrile glove for handling organic products is ripped out of the box or fails during use, the protection barrier is compromised. Microbes, bacteria, sweat and contamination from the worker’s hands now has an uninhibited pathway onto your organic product. Quality gloves with a higher AQL (acceptable quality level) dramatically reduce the contamination risks of disposable gloves and protect your organic certification.

Eagle Protect Safety Partners:

Nothing ruins your day like testing your product only to find it is contaminated with some crazy, toxic chemical. The gloves were the last thing we tested, we just never imagined something sold as food safe could transfer such nastiness. The discovery was just the beginning… recalls are costly in more ways than one.

Freya Farm

Gloves were not specifically mentioned in our organic certification process, but we have been asked by at least one organic auditor for additional information about the gloves we use to handle food. Having shared the supporting materials for Eagle gloves, he was very happy!

Katie H. | Fran’s Chocolates

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