2018 B Corp Champions Retreat: What I Learned

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New Orleans was the exciting venue for my 5th B Corp Champions Retreat. This annual event brings together 500 or more change makers from across the US and around the globe. All with the shared focus on building business that strive to create a shared and durable prosperity for all.

The sessions are always motivating, insightful and challenging. This year there was a focus on tools to improve diversity and inclusion in business. I’m excited to begin implementing some new ideas shared as we always work to improve. I was also honored to participate on a panel discussing “Investment Crowdfunding: Revitalizing Communities and Narrowing the Wealth Gap.” It was rewarding to share our experiences as we kickoff our crowdfunding campaign with our fellow B Corps. It was a satisfying experience to share with the B Corps who have supported us along our journey.

B Corp Retreat 2018 NewsletterOne aspect that makes the B Corp Retreat unique is the ample opportunity to network with like minded individuals from many businesses. Large Corporate like Ben and Jerry’s and Danone North America mingle freely with small one person consultancy and everything in between. The attendees are bound by this shared intention to build better business so size and notoriety are left in the background.

Highlights of course are the Conference Dinner and Awards where Community members are honored for their work and of course the after-party which is where the best conversations can be found!

Whatever was happening before the B Corp Retreat is forgotten and you are left to head home with a renewed sense of opportunity based on the fantastic businesses that the community has brought together.

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