Crowdfunding to Disrupt the Food Industry

Eagle Protect is on a mission to make our world a better place and we can do it with your help. We have started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds that will enable us to expand our impact in the US food industry.

With our innovative food safety approach and environmental focus, our customer base has grown rapidly this year, including being the preferred supplier of gloves and clothing to the second largest wholesale food retailer in the US!

With this growth we must increase inventory, and will be looking at the local workforce to hire new team members to fill operations and logistics, sales and customer support positions. Here's a 2:30 minute video explaining how we are "Changing the World One Glove at a Time." 

 Why consider investing in Eagle, the only global B Corp certified glove supplier? In addition to our expanding operations boosting the local Tahoe community (we are so proud to be a part of), we have a unique focus in our industry in the following areas:

  1. Food safety
  2. Environmental impact
  3. Supply chain transparency

Food Safety

3,000 people die each year in the US from food-borne illnesses, the most at risk being young children, older adults and pregnant women. Read about these preventable cases here, it’s harrowing.

A recent article by Francine Shaw states “poor food safety culture, lack of education, poor training, operational consistency, and margin pressures may be at least partially to blame.”  We couldn’t agree more.

15% of foodborne illnesses implicate disposable glove cross contamination (CDC et al). So is the glove handling your food helping spread pathogens from hands and surfaces? And why isn’t the US food industry doing more to prevent these illnesses from occurring?

Eagle Solution

Eagle Protect disposable gloves are third-party certified food safe. With better quality, and verified raw materials and manufacturing practices, Eagle gloves are proven to reduce and prevent cross-contamination, protecting the food they handle. Read more our risk reduction here.  

Environmental impact

30 billion disposable gloves are used and disposed of in the food industry every year, that’s a significant amount of waste.

Eagle Solution

Our unique focus in the glove supply industry also affects our customers environmental footprint. Simply switching to a thin, yet high-quality Eagle glove can reduce our customers’ usage and therefore waste by up to 30% - our impact on the environment can be profound.

Supply Chain Transparency

Did you know that serious labor rights abuse of workers in the disposable glove manufacturing industry is widespread? Think about that the next time you see a disposable glove worn.

Eagle Solution

With our Child Labor Free* and B Corp certifications, Eagle is the only glove supplier in the world to combat the unethical use of child labor and labor abuse in the glove industry.

Help us in our mission to grow our business, to increase our impact and influence on the US food industry, to ultimately benefit you the consumer and the future of our planet! We’re excited to offer you this opportunity to invest in our company and make the world a better place, one glove at a time.

To invest or for more information visit our crowdfund page.

To schedule a meeting with me, Eagle Protect CEO & Founder, to talk about our Crowdfunding offering, click the button below. 

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Steve Ardagh Author and Eagle Protect CEO
Written by: Steve Ardagh, President & Founder

*The organization behind Child Labor Free has ceased offering accreditation renewal, effective December 2020.

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