Diamond Grip Gloves are Improving Meat & Food Processing

The food processing industry is changing. New machinery, processes and other advancements are constantly pushing food manufacturing forward. That’s the good news.

The great news is that Eagle Protect’s new technology Blue Diamond and Diamond Textured nitrile gloves are advancing right along with food processing. These are durable gloves manufactured from the highest-quality materials and made to withstand the demands of the food industry.

Why Eagle Diamond Grip Gloves?

Diamond grip gloves offer many advantages over similar competitors gloves, which are commonly unnecessarily thicker. Diamond textured glove users will experience:

  • Extreme Durability: The Diamond grips’ durability enables these gloves to withstand the grueling demands of food and meat processing as well as facility maintenance.
  • Ambidextrous: Eagle gloves fit either hand so less gloves are ordered, used and tossed away.
  • Grip: A fully textured glove hand (both sides) creates an improved grip, which is crucial when working with wet or frozen surfaces.
  • Washable: Washing gloves, when appropriate, can reduce glove use and cost.
  • Sustainability: A lighter weight alternative to the traditional over-engineered heavyweight household glove frequently used in food processing. The reduced material per glove used will support the company's sustainability program.
  • Cost Effective: Some of our customers have seen significant cost savings after switching from a cheaper, thicker glove to Eagle Diamond grip nitriles. A higher quality glove can reduce overall glove use, resulting in cost savings.

Eagle currently offers two styles of Diamond Textured nitrile gloves which boast all the advantages listed above while presenting a few unique to themselves. 

Blue Diamond Grip NitrileBlue Diamond Textured Nitrile Gloves

The Blue Diamond Textured nitrile glove is our best selling Diamond Grip because of its versatility and added protection of a longer 12” cuff. It’s being used in major US meat and other food processing facilities with great feedback - mainly around fit and durability.

In addition to its extra cuff protection the Blue Diamond is manufactured at a 9 mil thickness that delivers extra strength and tear resistance. The high-quality materials make all the difference creating a comfortable and tactile glove.

Black Diamond Textured Nitrile GlovesDiamond Textured Nitrile

Our Diamond Textured nitrile glove, available in green, orange and black, is a multi-purpose solution to processing facilities. An ideal glove for both food processing and maintenance staff which can create efficiencies and lead to money savings.

Beyond the versatility of the Diamond Textured, this high-quality but slightly thinner (6 mil) glove makes it ideal for food/meat processing when durability and grip is required such as carton packaging.

Our team of experts is here to discuss how Eagle Diamond grip gloves can enhance your facility's food safety and worker satisfaction. Eagle also offers a full line of food safe disposable protective clothing designed for food and meat processing.

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