Diamond Textured 9” Nitrile Gloves

Our Eagle Protect 9” diamond Textured nitrile gloves come in black and high visibility green and orange; at 6mil they are 50% thicker than a standard nitrile glove. Manufactured to the Eagle Standard, you’ll notice their superior strength and durability immediately.

They feature fully diamond-textured surfaces, designed to provide an exceptional grip, even in the most challenging conditions. These gloves offer superior protection and ensure reliable protection for your hands.

Exceptional Resistance

These high-quality diamond grip gloves are FDA-compliant for safe and hygienic food handling. Their exceptional resistance to various chemicals and microorganisms provides reliable protection for various applications. Whether working in a food industry or an industrial setting, these gloves offer the ultimate protection and durability you can count on.

Ultimate Protection

With their innovative design and superior raw materials, Eagle Protect Diamond Textured gloves provide the ultimate protection for your hands. Whether handling delicate objects or working in demanding environments, these grips offer a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring safety and protection for your staff and product. Ideal for use in food processing, meat processing, industrial industries and more.

Trust Eagle Protect Diamond Textured nitrile gloves to keep you protected, so you can focus on the task at hand with confidence.

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