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Eagle is proud to partner with Dining Safety Alliance (DSA) who is working to address three vital initiatives to improve food safety and reduce foodborne illness incidents in the US.

3 Key Food Safety Initiatives

  • Increasing Transparency & Public Awareness of Restaurant Food Safety Importance 
    By recognizing restaurant food safety excellence and educating the public, establishments with sub par food safety will be encouraged to improve their food safety performance. Consumers are now demanding transparency with the food that they consume and the establishments at which they dine.  

  • Educate Undertrained Food Service Workers
    Through sponsor funding, DSA will provide FREE, entry level food safety training to under-trained hospitality venues. 

  • Inform Health Departments of Data Variance
    Currently, standards, inspection processes and reporting systems vary drastically between cities and across states. DSA is working to standardize the process.

We are proud to be a part of this food safety movement and are excited to see its positive impact on food safety and reduction in foodborne illness outbreaks frequency and severity. To learn more about food safety visit our resources page.

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