Dirty Gloves Linked to Food Spoilage

Spoiled Rotten Food

Manufacturers selling gloves that state they are compliant for food handling are not required to check for bioburden or toxicity of the glove either at the factory or on entry into the US. Disposable glove manufacturing is largely unregulated. This can lead to unsanitary conditions, allowing the survival of potential microbial contaminants on both the insides of gloves (affecting the glove wearer) and on the outside food contact surfaces.

New results of microbial testing of the surfaces of unused disposable gloves have found not only bacteria specific to foodborne illnesses (FBIs), such as E. coli and Staphylococcus, but also pathogens known specifically to cause food spoilage. These pathogens were found on new and unused disposable gloves currently sold to the US food industry. They are the result of contaminated water sources used in glove manufacturing, from surface water polluted by agricultural, industrial and urban run-off - including sewage contamination!

$161 billion worth of food is estimated to be wasted each year in the US, accounting for 133 billion pounds of food and approximately 30-40% of the US food supply. Could your gloves be contributing to this unnecessary food waste? Gloves compliant for food handling are not required to be tested for microbial levels, meaning there are no required tests to ensure their cleanliness (bioburden levels), no testing to ensure your gloves are free from food spoilage pathogens, or those specific to FBIs.


$161 billion = 30-40% of the food supply


How do you ensure a truly food safe glove?

Choosing a clean glove may decelerate conditions of food spoilage. Our gloves are tested to ensure their food safety compatibility, including their chemical make-up, cleanliness (pathogens) and structural integrity through our proprietary Delta Zero glove analysis.

Eagle gloves protect your food, staff and reputation and are certified safe to enhance your food safety programs.


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