Disposable Smocks: Custom Full-Body Protection


In the ever-evolving food safety landscape, Eagle Protect has consistently set the bar high when providing top-tier protective solutions. Their Disposable Smock is no exception. With a custom design with the user's convenience and the environment in mind, this product is a testament to the company's commitment to safety, quality and sustainability.

The Power of Materials: High Tensile Strength Virgin Plastic

At the core of Eagle Protect's Disposable Smock lies a carefully selected, high tensile strength virgin LDPE plastic. This material provides a robust and long-lasting garment that stretches instead of ripping off in chunks if snagged and offers recycling opportunities. Eagle Protect balances performance and environmental consciousness by choosing a virgin LDPE plastic with high tensile strength.

A Testament to Industry Expertise: Originating from New Zealand's Meat Industry

Initially made for New Zealand's rigorous meat industry, the Disposable Smock is a testament to Eagle Protect's deep understanding of the demands of meat and food processing environments. The smock embodies the need for uncompromised full-body protection from the front and back.

360-Degree Protection: Front and Back Shielding

In industries where safety is paramount, comprehensive protection is non-negotiable. The Eagle Protect Disposable Smock offers a unique advantage by providing workers a waterproof shield from the front and the back. This full-coverage design ensures that workers are safeguarded from various elements, making it an ideal choice for those working in demanding environments.

Efficiency Meets Sustainability: The Red Header Block

One of the standout features of the Disposable Smock is the inclusion of a red header block. This seemingly small detail significantly impacts reducing waste and promoting a cleaner workspace. By allowing the smocks to be easily dispensed one at a time, Eagle Protect minimizes the chance of excess plastic ending up on the floor. This enhances worker efficiency and helps maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Eagle Protect's Disposable Smock is a testament to the commitment to quality, safety and environmental stewardship. Experience the future of protective gear with Eagle Protect. Choose quality, choose sustainability.

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