The Unregulated Food Safety Risk You Need to Know

Eagle leads the US glove industry in the supply and scientific research of disposable gloves which have not, until recently, been considered a food safety issue. However, ongoing scientific research continues to highlight an increasing number of areas of concern in the disposable glove manufacturing processes, which could pose a threat to the US food industry.Food Safety Summit Banner Unregulated Food Safety Risk

Eagle Protect has developed a proprietary third-party Delta Zero testing program as a voluntary added compliance, to ensure our gloves are made in clean, well-run factories, free of any type of contamination. This disposable glove analysis also ensures consistency in raw material makeup to the original food safe specifications, and ensure Eagle gloves adhere to the highest levels of safety and performance. Ultimately, it enhances our customers food safety programs, and brand reputation.

Unlike packaging, which is subject to FDA regulation and monitoring, and included in the FSMA, disposable glove production is generally self-regulated. FDA compliance is only required for an outline of the glove’s ingredients, not the final product.

Few controls are required for glove manufacturing relating to the reliability of raw materials, manufacturing processes or the factory compliance of the actual gloves you receive from the factory.


For more information, visit Eagle Protect at the 2019 Food Safety Summit booth #225 or click below, and find out how our innovation can assist your food safety programs.

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