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A 3 step plan to source your PPE during the Pandemic and into the future

The demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) far outweighs the supply, and with quality products only sometimes available, companies and individuals are purchasing what PPE is available. 

Stage 1 - During the Pandemic

The spike in demand caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has put immense strain on the PPE industry, with the demand far outweighing the supply.

This puts a significant amount of difficulty on companies trying to source high-quality protective wear such as:

  • Gloves
  • Gowns
  • Hats

During the pandemic, companies have to do their best to equip their employees with disposable protective gear until the stress of the pandemic is over.

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Stage 2 - After the Pandemic 

In stage 2, once the pandemic is over, the PPE industry will need time to recover as they work with their customers to return to normal operations.

There will be companies with stock to last them for months until they require better quality products. Still, then other companies will be entirely run out and need products immediately to begin production again.

Like other suppliers, we will be working hard to replenish our inventory. Still, factories will also be seeing a massive influx of orders which is bound to increase production time more than we expect.

Stage 3 - Purchase Gloves to Stop Contamination

So what gloves should you purchase after the pandemic is over? The coronavirus virus has highlighted the need to focus on eliminating the spread of contamination.

When choosing gloves, it is essential to be mindful of their quality. Choosing low-quality gloves can have the unintended consequence of amplifying the spread of contamination, posing a potential risk to yourself and others.

Be Wary of "Cheap" or Discounted Gloves

High-quality nitrile gloves made in clean factories are your best defense to protect your product, your workers, and ultimately the health of your customers.

Our team audits our factories and tests our gloves once they arrive to ensure our customers use clean, high-quality gloves. Extra precautions like these will strengthen your safety programs.

It is a great reminder to have strategies that protect your company. As a supplier, we guarantee our customers have a 3-month product supply. Only some suppliers will ensure this, so they could run out of stock and not be able to supply it to you.

To navigate the post-pandemic landscape effectively and safeguard your company and the product you handle, following these three key stages is crucial. These stages will guide you in selecting the finest disposable gloves, ensuring utmost protection, and maintaining the highest quality standards.

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