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Has Your PPE Supplier Let You Down? It's Time To Re-Evaluate.

Have you been left scrambling to find gloves, smocks and other PPE? If you have, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your supplier and partner with a company that prioritizes keeping customers operating. This video will explain how to evaluate your current supplier and what to look for as plan for the future.

If you have been let down then, maybe it's time, when you get a second to breathe, to rethink your PPE supplier that you've chosen. 

Step Back & Look

The PPE industry is witnessing an influx of unreliable suppliers seeking to profit in haste. Their presence will fade, leaving damage for companies to address when procuring their products.

We take great pride in the outstanding reputation and unwavering reliability that Eagle Protect has cultivated. We diligently analyze our forecasts daily, ensuring the continuous operation of our valued customers. As their trusted supplier, it is our responsibility to fulfill their needs.'

The Eagle Standard

Evaluating Your Supplier

We have gotten a harsh glimpse into the stress the Coronavirus has caused. Businesses are experiencing a dramatic spike in orders and product inquiries due to their usual suppliers being out of stock. We've contacted these companies for years but often get the same response: they're content with their current supplier.

Many relationships are price-driven, neglecting product supply or quality. Partnership development has been overlooked, and supplier provisions sufficed...until now.

Protect Your Business's Future

We understand we think about gloves more than most. Gloves and other PPE are essential tools; if you run out, your business stops. That's why we guarantee at least three months' stock for our customers.

Reliable Suppliers Provide

  1. Consistent product supply

  2. Fit-for-purpose products

  3. Staff, customer, and brand protection

You also need a supplier to support you with solid advice, sound science and great products.

If you have experienced disappointment, it is worth reconsidering the choice of your PPE supplier. Our team is at your disposal for a friendly chat, or you can visit to delve deeper into a world of information.


Glove Risks In Your Supply Chain

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