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How to Estimate the Quality of Your Disposable Gloves Video

There are many disposable gloves to select from, and they all look the same. However, the raw materials they are made from define their safety and quality. Here is a quick and easy way to estimate the difference in the quality of raw materials used during glove manufacturing.

Inflation Test

The inflation test estimates the quality of your disposable gloves’ raw materials.

The Inflation Test works for the following glove types:

  • Nitrile
  • Latex
  • Vinyl

Easy 6 Step Inflation Test

  1. Blow into the glove to inflate - if the glove breaks during inflation, it is a sign of lower quality with reduced elasticity.
  2. Twist the glove cuff to hold it in the air
  3. Hold up to the light
  4. Inspect the glove color
  5. Inflate another glove of the same size
  6. Hold side by side and compare glove clarity and color variations

If you see cloudiness or variations in color, this indicates cheap disposable glove fillers used to save money during production.   

Determining the clarity of a glove can be done by blowing into it and holding it up to the light. A glove of high quality will exhibit no cloudiness or variations in color, even before being inflated.

Conversely, a low-quality glove may display discrepancies in color a the outset, and cloudiness will become more apparent upon inflation.

Cheap Fillers

Cheap fillers like chalk or silica can be toxic to the wearer and reduce glove strength and flexibility, making them more likely to tear. This, in turn, increases glove failure rate, and with gloves breaking, ripping, or tearing, there is a higher potential for microorganisms and glove fragments to enter the product.

Cheap Fillers Can Cause: 

  1. Skin issues for users
  2. Increased glove failure
  3. Food safety issues
  4. Reduce flexibility

Inferior Gloves Increase Your Safety Risk!

Eagle Protect offers a range of tested and verified disposable gloves to protect your product, staff, and business reputation.

Cheap gloves do not save you money


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