Glove Supply 2024: Navigating the Changing Landscape

Looking back on last year, the major challenge within the glove supply chain was the post-pandemic overstock of poor-quality gloves. For businesses, this posed significant risks of product contamination or recalls: and for glove wearers, the possibility of skin and muscular problems from potential chemical irritants and poor glove flexibility. 

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In 2024, the glove industry is expected to undergo a shift. As the oversupply reduces and health and safety issues of gloves become apparent, we predict a consumer focus on higher quality with purchasing departments being more aware of the safety, efficiencies and cost advantages of quality gloves. Here are some key changes you can expect this year:

Quality Assurance:

We foresee customers demanding rigorous and improved quality testing and independent certifications to reduce the elevated risks of 2023. With the FDA defining gloves as zone 1 surfaces (the highest potential for causing contamination) gloves will be included into more HACCP plans, forcing a more reliable supply of higher-quality gloves that meet stringent safety requirements.


Industries will increasingly require customization options of color, textures, fit and length specific to the needs of glove wearers. This ensures the gloves you procure are optimized for your unique processes and tasks, and protect against cross-contamination and recall.

Traceable transparent glove supply chain

Greater transparency in supply chains will become the norm, driven this year by the FDA’s new traceability legislation. Detailed information regarding sourcing, manufacturing and independent testing of the gloves will enhance safety and accountability.

Education & Support:

Glove suppliers will offer comprehensive education and support programs to ensure business are well-informed on optimal glove usage, safety protocols and best practice, mitigating potential glove related issues.


The major problem with poor-quality gloves is ripping and reduced performance, with numerous side effects of potential contamination, staff inefficiencies and a massive increase in usage and waste. The demand for sustainable glove options will continue to rise, to align with business sustainability goals.


As we move into 2024, Eagle Protect is committed to providing you with the highest-quality gloves and the support you need to maintain the safety and well-being of your staff and products. We are excited to help lead the positive changes unfolding in our industry and look forward to safeguarding our customers’ needs.

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