Ethical & Responsible Glove Sourcing

At Eagle Protect we believe in developing partnerships with our customers and safeguarding what matters most to them. Be it our premium products and service, our transparent, visible and traceable supply chain, ethical sourcing and impact reduction, customers benefit from our care and integrity, as highlighted in our unique Eagle Standard.

Glove Factory Worker

Our partnerships with forward thinking, ethically operating glove manufacturers with industry leading quality standards and labor practices, ensures premium quality product production with respectful and ethical treatment of workers, who earn fair wages in safe and healthy workplaces. Glove manufacturing regularly makes headline news due to both poor quality and safety standards and widespread forced labor ​​allegations - resulting in numerous well known brand banned from import to the US by the CBP, and international glove companies sued by workers as they “knowingly profited” from forced labor at factories.

Alongside our own Supplier Code of Conduct, Eagle engages with our supply chain partners through in-person visits and independent third-party audit programs on a regular basis. Eagle uses APSCA certified auditors to conduct SMETA audits on our behalf, shared via the Sedex Platform, and additional WRAP (Gold) certifications have been achieved for our key manufacturer’s facilities.

Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct
Eagle Protect

The Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct defines standards for fair, safe and healthy working conditions and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain.

Our Code is based on International Labor Organization (ILO) standards and internationally accepted good labor practices. All Eagle suppliers must commit to the intention of this Code of Conduct, which applies to their full supply chain, including sub-suppliers, subcontractors, temporary and migrant workers.

WRAP Certification
WRAP Certification

The majority of our gloves are manufactured in Gold level WRAP certified facilities, which meet internationally recognized social, ethical and sustainable compliance standards. These manufacturers are committed to the annual recertification program with WRAP, which awards certification only after lengthy audit processes and proof of maintenance of the 12 WRAP Principles:

  1. Compliance with Laws & Workplace Regulations
  2. Prohibition of Forced Labor
  3. Prohibition of Child Labor
  4. Prohibition of Harassment & Abuse
  5. Compensation & Benefits
  6. Hours of Work
  7. Prohibition of Discrimination
  8. Health & Safety
  9. Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
  10. Environment
  11. Customs Compliance
  12. Security
Certified B Corporation
B Corp Logo

Eagle Protect is a founding B Corp certified company (since 2012), committed to the constant improvement of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency of our company and our suppliers. Eagle remains the only PPE supplier globally to hold this certification.

Sedex & SMETA

Eagle’s key suppliers partner with the SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) online platform to share their social and ethical audit status. The Sedex platform allows users to conduct risk assessments across their supply chain, and enables audit sharing between supply chain partners - reducing audit fatigue and increasing transparency with results and ongoing improvements. These suppliers conduct SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA), with accredited third-party auditors, to assist Eagle in evaluating suppliers’ labor, health and safety, environmental and business ethical standards. This partnership provides Eagle and their customers independent verification of standards.

These Scan the QR code on many Eagle glove boxes* to trace your glove’s journey. This traceability includes all certifications and testing standards to ensure your gloves provide premium protection, and are manufactured in factories with world class quality, labor and environmental practices. 


Full supply chain traceability and visibility, including responsible sourcing and quality and safety testing certification for the core range of Eagle gloves is also available by QR code scanning on individual glove boxes. 

In choosing Eagle Protect, you not only get premium gloves but also a commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility. Our partnerships, rigorous certifications, and transparent supply chain underscore our dedication to fair labour, environmental sustainability, and the highest quality standards. Join us in making a difference–get ethically sourced, premium gloves that reflect your values and ours.

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