FDA Compliant Disposable Glove's Food Safety Gap

Single-use gloves are outlined by the FDA :

  1. In Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)1
    • This states: Maintaining gloves, if they are used in food handling, in an intact, clean, and sanitary condition. The gloves should be of an impermeable material.
  2. As tested compliant for food handling2
    • Food handling gloves certified under the FDA must consist of materials generally recognized as safe for use in food or food packaging. If the gloves tested pass the requirements, they may then be labeled FDA Compliant for Food Handling.

      Manufacturers must only pass this test once for the gloves to be compliant. Testing is not officially confirmed, repeated on entry into the US, or required at any other time, other than the glove samples initially tested by the factory. This lack of ongoing manufacturer compliance or quality control allows the opportunity to add cheap raw materials, often introducing toxic compounds and chemicals, and fungal and microbial contaminants, and for poor quality control processes.

FDA Glove Compliance Gap Graphic

In summary, FDA Compliant food handling gloves:

  1. Have no requirement to be tested for and be sanitary (clean).
    • Independent microbial testing of 25 new and unused other branded (not Eagle) “food grade” gloves found E. Coli, listeria, mold, fungus, feces among other pathogens on inside and outside glove surfaces, from contaminated water sources and unsanitary factory conditions.

      Ironically, gloves deemed FDA Compliant for food handling, are therefore, in our opinion, not certified food safe for your manufacturing practice, as outlined in the GMP.


  2. May contain toxic chemicals which could impact food safety and glove user health.
  3. Have no requirements to be intact.
    • That is they have no limits to the maximum amount of pinhole defects a box of gloves may contain (acceptable quality level, AQL). Defective gloves are not food safe.

Therefore, food handling gloves certified under FDA Title 21 CFR Part 177 are not required to be intact, clean, or sanitary, or to be tested on arrival in the US. Ironically, gloves deemed FDA Compliant for food handling are therefore, in our opinion, not certified food safe for your manufacturing practice, as outlined in the GMP.

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1FDA Title 21 CFR Part 110 - Current good manufacturing practice (GMP) in manufacturing, packing or holding human food
2FDA Title 21 CFR Part 177

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