How Disposable Gloves Reduce Waste Production

Over the last 6 months Eagle Protect has saved a staggering 253,250 lbs or 127 tons of glove and packaging waste from landfills, simply by switching our customers to better quality, thinner gloves. This has resulted in a subsequent reduction of 286 metric tons of CO2 and 7,136,772 gallons of water!

Eagle Protect Saves 127 of Waste

Eagle Protect helped customers keep over 253,000 lbs
of glove and packaging waste out of landfills

Climate change, impact reporting, sustainability and waste reduction are terms we read about daily. Thankfully most companies are now taking meaningful and tangible measures to reduce their impact on the world, and we want to help your business impact too!

Eagle gloves are made from better quality raw materials, producing higher quality gloves. Better quality glove ingredients results in:

  • Thinner, yet stronger gloves

  • A reduced chance of ripping, generating less glove usage

  • Less gloves used and disposed of reduces packaging waste and subsequent transport emissions

Eagle can make your business more sustainable and eliminate waste without implementing any process changes - by simply changing your disposable gloves to a higher quality, thinner, stronger and a more food safe product.

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We partner with like minded companies who want to make a difference. Take the first step towards improving your sustainability, contact us today! 

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