‘No-Bare-Hands’ Food Safety Rule: Repealed In California

Baker with Bare Hands Kneading Dough

Forty one states adopted the “no-bare-hands” food safety rule in January 2014, requiring food service workers to wear disposable gloves or use utensils when handling ready-to-eat food, with the aim to reduce the transmission of foodborne illnesses due to poor hand cleanliness.

However, several months later, members of the California restaurant and bar industry successfully repealed the new food safety law because they found it confusing, cumbersome and expensive, and in some cases ineffective. Environmental concerns were also reported.

Several of Eagle’s skilled and experienced customers who had a desire to wear food handling gloves, also complained of the lack of dexterity due to a poor fit, which ultimately affected their work.  In all cases, these individuals were wearing vinyl gloves, or only had a limited sizing selection of nitrile gloves available.

Thanks to recent advances in raw materials and manufacturing, FineTOUGH nitrile gloves have rectified issues with reduced finger and hand dexterity, benefiting the food safety gloves industry.

As the name suggests, FineTOUGH powder free nitrile gloves are a popular choice of disposable glove for food handling as they are:

  • Strong yet thin, with the elongation and tensile strength equal to or, in some instances greater than thicker, less dextrous gloves.
  • An environmentally friendly glove, using 30% less raw material than standard nitrile gloves resulting in 30% less environmental impact on disposal.
  • Packaged in cases of 2,000 gloves resulting in reduced transport and packing savings.

Read more about FineTough powder free nitrile gloves – a popular choice of food safety gloves here.

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