IAFP 2017 Conference Takeaways


We had the opportunity to meet numerous food safety professionals that stopped by our booth at the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) conference in Tampa - a forum for food safety professionals worldwide to exchange information on protecting the food supply.

A big thank you to Barry Michaels, an international scientific consultant on food safety and an independent consultant to academic institutions, government, industry and nonprofit organizations, who joined us at IAFP. He has more than 40 years experience in the field of infectious disease investigation, control and prevention. We are excited to soon be sharing a white paper on disposable gloves and risk reduction in food processing Barry has been diligently compiling. 


Barry Michaels entertaining IAFP 2017 attendees with
disposable glove balloons.

A hot topic that frequently arose throughout the conference was that of food fraud. A product labeled as one thing and containing something different has gotten a lot of attention lately. And rightfully so. We agree that as an industry we need to take the extra steps to ensure the consumer is getting what they purchase. Similarly, in the production of cheap disposable gloves fillers can be added to produce more gloves from the same about of raw materials. These fillers reduce glove quality, stretch and increase the likelihood of failure (breaking or ripping). Use this easy inflation test to see if you may be paying for cheap disposable glove fillers.

We were pleased with the number of FDA staff, from a number of facilities around the country, that visited by our booth showing interest in disposable glove choices, composition and usage.

Thank you for everyone who stopped by and discussed our newest data about disposable gloves and their relative cross contamination potential. The dialogue we were able to have was incredible.

It is always energizing to be surrounded by individuals, over 3,500, doing their part to learn, share, evaluate and work to increase food safety.

Missed us at IAFP? Have any questions about how gloves can help prevent foodborne illness outbreaks? Contact our team of experts.

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