6 Ways Eagle Gloves Make Procurement's Life Easier

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Purchasing professionals are the unsung heroes of any organization. They balance quality with cost, ensuring the workforce has the best tools for their tasks. If you're in charge of procurement, you know the importance of investing wisely. Today, we'll explore why Eagle Protect disposable gloves should be your go-to choice.

One of the major concerns for any purchasing department is cost-effectiveness. With Eagle Protect gloves, you get a product that stands the test of time. Their durability means fewer rips and tears, gloves you paid for and can’t use, reducing the need for frequent reordering. Imagine the savings over time when you don't have to replace gloves at the same rate as lesser-quality brands!

1. Boost Staff Efficiency - Fewer Glove Changes

No one likes to change gloves mid-task. It's not just an annoyance but also a productivity killer. With Eagle gloves, the workforce will spend less time changing torn gloves and more time getting things done.

In a recent case study, The Company found that 20-30% of gloves were ripping upon donning, depending on location in the butchery and deli departments. Another 20% experienced tearing during usage. Butchers at most locations also triple gloved to save time on handwashing and changing gloves due to ripping.

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“20-30% of gloves ripped when put on...20% of gloves tore during use”

2. Order One Product for all Team Members (even sensitive skin)

A single-glove variety for all. Our gloves are designed with individuals having sensitive skin in mind. When all workers can use the same high-quality glove, it simplifies your ordering process, reducing the need to buy multiple glove varieties. Eagle Protect gloves also reduce workers' comp risks from skin issues. Your commitment to well-being safeguards your bottom line. Read more about skin disease and hand injuries caused by disposable gloves.

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3. Rest Easier with Superior Contamination Control

Safety is paramount. With superior contamination control features, Eagle Protect gloves drastically lower the risk of significant issues. The last thing you want is an outbreak, contamination or product withdrawal due to subpar gloves. 

Read how Eagle gloves reduce the risk of ripped glove contaminants and Delta Zero™, our proprietary testing program, mitigates glove contamination risk. 

By choosing Eagle, you're taking a proactive step toward safety. 

4. Happier Staff

You can quickly resolve staff complaints about glove quality by opting for Eagle gloves. This case study highlights decreased glove-ripping incidents when they switched. Happier staff means smoother operations and fewer headaches for the purchasing department - not to mention, higher employee retention.

5. Support Sustainability Efforts

Higher quality means a thinner glove, without sacrificing durability, and prolonged usage. This relates to less waste and disposal expenses. It is kinder for the environment, and cheaper for you in the long run.

In 2022, we saved:

  • 672,648 gallons of water
  • 423,580 lbs of glove & packaging waste
  • 27.55 mt of CO2

If you’re currently using vinyl gloves, check out our Glove Waste Sustainability Calculator to calculate your glove waste savings by switching over to Eagle nitrile gloves.

Did you know? Studies have shown the average failure rate of vinyl gloves is 18%. Meaning, for every 100 gloves around 18 fail.

Interested? Read Reduce, Recycle or Reuse Disposable Gloves? 

6. Unmatched Customer Service

Last but certainly not least, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Any concerns or issues you have will be addressed promptly. We recommend letting us shoulder your glove-related worries so you can focus on other crucial aspects of your job.

In the fast-paced procurement world, you need quality and value products. Eagle Protect gloves are a testament to this balance. From durability to efficiency, sensitive skin-friendliness to top-tier contamination control, these gloves check all the boxes. At Eagle Protect, we're ready with 3-4 months of stock on hand, ensuring your operations run smoothly without disruptions.

Eagle Protect gloves offer a comprehensive solution that saves you time, money, and energy in the long run while prioritizing worker well-being and environmental responsibility.

Partner with Eagle Protect and ensure your team is equipped with the best while making your job as a purchasing professional a tad easier.

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