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Recycling Gloves & Clothing

Eagle is excited to have partnered with Revolution Bag, to assist customers in recycling a range of Eagle gloves and clothing products. Revolution Bag follows a closed-loop process, allowing customers to buy back the recycled material as trash liners. A great example of this is their partnership with Chipotle.

Sustainability at Chipotle: Gloves to Bags

9% of our waste is film plastic and a vast majority of that ends up in landfills. This public goal is to divert 50% of our waste from landfills by 2020. 

We must get creative if we care about what’s happening in our restaurants and our impact on the world.

So that’s where the core of this idea was born from. 

  1. We collect our used gloves from our restaurants and ship them to the facility in Salinas, CA
  2. We take those gloves and introduce them into our recycling process 
  3. These then turn into post-consumer recycling pellets, which are ultimately turned into plastic bags

We use these trash bags right in our restaurant, closing the loop. We are creating change at scale, with every change we make in this industry, we can achieve massive results. 

At Chipotle, we passionately care about our impact.

This gloves-to-bags program is one way of helping fulfill our promise of cultivating a better world. 

Which Eagle Products can be Recycled with Revolution Bag?

In addition to the Eagle products above, Revolution Bag can recycle any PE film, including stretch film and pallet covers. 

Helping our customers improve their sustainability processes and outcomes is a focus for Eagle. Please contact the Eagle Team to discuss how Eagle can further assist your recycling goals, and help set up the process with Revolution Bag.

Reducing glove usage first is essential before recycling. Read about practical solutions for reducing your environmental impact through better glove choices. 

Reduce, Recycle or Reuse Disposable Gloves?

Environmentally Friendly Gloves
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