Can Colored Gloves Prevent a Food Recall?

Disposable Gloves for food handling colors

White? Blue? Indigo?

Disposable gloves come in a variety of colors. Have you ever wondered why? Do the different colors represent where they are suitable to be used? 

Actually, there are two common reasons for the colors of protective gloves for food handling.

1. Increased Visibility of Ripped Glove Parts in Food

If disposable gloves used in food processing fail (rip or tear), bits of glove can contaminate food. Colored pieces of material are more likely to be identified during processing, which allows the issue to be addressed before packaging is finished and a potential recall occurs.

2. Identify Food Processing Area

Larger food processors may utilize different colored disposable gloves as a way to indicate processing areas. This strategy allows them to visually color code areas and easily identify the area if a glove failure occurs. 

Reasons for a food recall often state “equipment failure”, which can include contamination with rubber.  Although it’s not the guaranteed reason, we frequently wonder if these companies involved in the recalls were using a low quality food handling glove. Cheap “food grade” disposable gloves have a high rate of failure, creating opportunity for gloves pieces to enter food during processing. Read why disposable gloves with a higher failure rate compound food safety risks.

With 18,000 staphylococci shown to pass through a single glove hole during a 20-minute period, there is further opportunity to contaminate food with gloves that have a high failure rate. Read more in the top six hazards of cheap disposable gloves and how they affect food safety. 

The cost of a recall to a food company is calculated to be $10M in direct costs, before brand damage and lost sales are considered. Why risk this by using cheap gloves?

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