Use Less Gloves, Increase Sustainability impact

A more sustainable disposable glove? Is that a thing? It is. And it’s a huge opportunity to keep waste out of landfills.

 The US uses 328 million gloves 

 every single day! 


A more sustainable glove is one that reduces your company’s glove use, waste and overall environmental impact.

Disposable gloves are necessary for food, lab and worker safety but are a single use item. They are not easily recyclable. That doesn’t mean we can’t do them better. 


Row of Trash CansThe concept is that a strong, but thinner glove (like our Sensitives, Derma2 or FineTOUGH nitriles) would decrease:

  • Glove Use
    • Strong gloves have lower failure rates = Reduced usage
  • Waste
    • Stronger gloves = Less gloves used and thrown away
    • Thinner gloves = Reduced discarded glove weight
    • Thinner gloves = Smaller boxes with less packaging
  • Water Use
    • Less gloves used = Less gloves to be made (glove manufacturing is a water intense process)
  • Carbon Emissions
    • Smaller boxes ship more efficiently = More gloves shipped by fewer vehicles
    • Reduced glove use = Reduced container shipments 

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A more sustainable glove is a noble initiative, but the glove still has to work. Eagle gloves can do both! High-quality materials and processes produce high-quality gloves that provide superior safety, as certified by our proprietary Delta Zero glove analysis. Our glove quality directly correlates to a decrease in glove failures (rips & tears) and glove material put into landfills.


Changes can be hard to implement. Using a more sustainable glove will allow your company to reduce its environmental impact without retraining your staff or implementing any new processes. 

Read our Sustainability Report to see how much
waste we diverted from landfills last year!

Disposable gloves can help your campus earn AASHE STARS. Curious about a more sustainable disposable glove? Click below to start a conversation with our team of experts.

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