Trusting Your PPE Supplier During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Doctor donning GlovesThe Coronavirus pandemic has seen demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) - face masks, gloves and clothing - far surpassing supply. This has resulted in limited stock available for key industries and frontline workers, with some industries so desperate for PPE they are sourcing from unknown suppliers without first conducting product or supplier due diligence. 

Recently, two European countries returned air-freighted cargo of faulty PPE from unlicensed manufacturers as the quality was not up to standard. These products cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The market is now flooded with new “suppliers” with no previous supply history or experience in sourcing. These businesses are aiming to take advantage of the pandemic and hoping to make a quick profit - they have no knowledge of their products, their quality or where they are coming from - or indeed if they will even arrive. Deposits of 50% and more are demanded. Reports of reject quality, or even repackaged used gloves and other PPE are flooding the market from pandemic opportunists.

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Sourcing and supplying gloves and PPE is not easy, and takes years of experience working with suppliers to establish good relationships and quality products - this is where Eagle excels. Amid market demands, Eagle Protect remains true to our core values and ethics of ethically sourcing products that are environmentally better and certified safe to use. We continue to work with the most trusted and honest manufacturers, many of which have been our partners for over a decade. 

In addition to the requirements set out in our Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct, we are also proud to be the Worlds’ only disposable glove & PPE clothing specialist to be B Corp certified. This transparency allows us to maintain and hold our manufacturers accountable for product standards and quality of manufacturing. 

Sourcing our range of disposable gloves and PPE clothing provides assurance to your business, protecting your staff, your brand and your reputation. Talk to our experts today, who are ready to help you select the best PPE for your business.

NOTE: Always ask your supplier for the quality standards of the product you are purchasing; preferably reviewing product samples if you have never bought from them before.

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