Derma2 Nitrile for Sensitive Skin & Protection Against Fentanyl

Gloves provide protective barriers against contamination from patients, food and chemicals and are worn across multiple industries.  

Fentanyl moleculeIn the medical industry, protection from viruses, pathogens and chemical contamination is paramount when dealing with patients, especially those at high risk of cross-contamination. Anyone working with patients where fentanyl and other hazardous drugs may be present, should wear the appropriate protective clothing including gloves tested for protection against fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid up to 50 times more potent than heroin, and can be absorbed via the skin, open cuts and by inhalation. Even exposure to tiny amounts can cause respiratory depression, arrest and possible death. Gloves of consistently high quality are an essential last line of defense for medical personnel.

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Eagle Protect’s Derma² examination grade nitrile gloves have an exceptional grip, durability and tactile sensitivity. Their new tech manufacturing provides: 

  • Protection against fentanyl, viruses and chemotherapy drugs
  • Superior barrier protection against Type I and Type IV hypersensitivity, for wearers prone to skin allergies and irritation
  • Exceed examination AQL (pinhole defect) requirements, better protecting the glove wearer.

If you are looking for gloves with optimal performance and wearer protection, choose Eagle Derma2 nitrile gloves. 

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