Eagle Discontinues Vinyl Glove Supply


As of January 2018, Eagle Protect has discontinued supplying vinyl gloves.

Eagle Protect previously sold vinyl gloves with a number of recommendations based around the shortcomings of their use - in relation to their permeability, environmental impact and potentially toxic raw materials.

With Eagle’s growing research investment into the science of disposable gloves and their food safety implications, it has become increasingly obvious that vinyl gloves are an ineffective barrier in food handling as well as dangerously impacting environmental and human health. We cannot in good faith recommend them to our customers as a food-safe and sustainably sound option.

There are many recent findings which point to vinyl gloves' ineffectiveness and toxicity potential. Read our latest research here. Subsequent findings and information will be published as the research is completed.

Eagle Protect has discontinued supplying vinyl gloves, after mounting research with insights into their food safety implications, the concerns over toxic pollution during manufacture and disposal and adverse effects on glove user health.

We are continuing to research disposable gloves and their effects on product safety and user health. For instance, we offer nitrile food service gloves with unique surface characteristics similar to Teflon®. Reduce your cross-contamination potential by three-fold with Eagle Sensitive nitrile gloves.

All aspects of glove safety are important to us at Eagle Protect and we take it very seriously. We have seen first hand how poor-quality gloves are made and unhygienic manufacturing practices that, sadly all to common in the disposable glove industry. We strive to have a uniquely traceable disposable glove sourced via an ethical and fully transparent supply chain to mitigate these glove risks for our customers.

We have also developed Delta Zero, Eagle Protect’s multi-layered proprietary glove testing program. Delta Zero uses independent lab testing to ensure a range of Eagle gloves adhere to the highest level of consistent glove safety and performance.

Third-party laboratory testing ensures the consistent quality and safety of Eagle gloves raw materials, and the absence of unsafe chemicals, toxins and microbial contaminants - areas that can pose a threat to medical and food safety and glove user health.

Interested in learning more? Read our blog highlighting the potential health and safety effects of vinyl gloves or contact our team of experts with any questions you may have.

Vinyl Gloves: Protection or Poison?
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